John Donovan Keynote Speaker

Senior Executive Vice President—AT&T Technology and Network Operations, AT&T Inc.

About John

John Donovan will talk about how SDN enabled innovations will impact AT&T's plans to transform it's infrastructure.


John Donovan, Senior Executive Vice President—AT&T Technology and Network Operations, is responsible for AT&T's technology and global network including the company's best-in-class mobile broadband network.

His responsibilities also include oversight of the company’s global information and network technology strategy; IT planning, engineering, implementation and operations; network planning, construction and operations; field operations, installation and maintenance; global supply chain; corporate fleet operations and corporate real estate.

Mr. Donovan previously served as Chief Technology Officer for AT&T, overseeing the company's global technology direction and innovation road map, including product development, network and engineering operations, AT&T Labs and the security and intellectual property organizations.

Under Donovan's leadership, AT&T has turbo-charged its innovation programs and now is recognized as an industry leader in working with application developers and others to make AT&T's network open to collaboration and innovation.

Donovan previously was executive vice president of product, sales, marketing and operations at VeriSign Inc., a technology company that provides Internet infrastructure services. At VeriSign, Donovan was responsible for leading its global sales organization, driving the expansion of broad solutions offerings, and integrating a global professional services capability.

Before that, he was chairman and CEO of inCode Telecom Group Inc., where he helped shape strategic direction and positioning for wireless network operators around the globe. Previously, Mr. Donovan was a partner with Deloitte Consulting, where he was the Americas Industry Practice director for telecom.

He has authored two books, The Value Enterprise, published in January 1998, and Value Creating Growth, published in 1999. Donovan received a B.S.E.E. from the University of Notre Dame and earned an M.B.A. in finance from the University of Minnesota.

Albert Greenberg Keynote Speaker

Partner Development Manager,

About Albert

Albert will present SDN solutions that are at the core of Microsoft's massive Azure infrastructure and how SDN enabled Microsoft to deliver networking features to customers faster.


Albert Greenberg is the Partner Development Manager at Microsoft, where he leads design and development of cloud networking services and technologies at Windows Azure, for both logical and physical data center networking. Albert joined Microsoft Research in 2007, where he worked on data center networks, cloud service infrastructure, enterprise network management, and monitoring. Albert joined Microsoft after many years at Bell Labs and AT&T Labs Research, where he was an Executive Director and AT&T Fellow, and where he helped build the systems and tools for engineering and managing AT&T's networks. Albert is an ACM Fellow.

Vinod Khosla Keynote Speaker

Khosla Ventures

About Vinod

Vinod will talk about SDN as a disruptive innovation and role of disruptive innovations in a high tech industry.


Vinod Khosla is an entrepreneur, investor, and technology fan. He is the founder of Khosla Ventures, focused on impactful clean technology and information technology investments. Mr. Khosla was a co-founder of Daisy systems and founding CEO of Sun Microsystems where he pioneered open systems and commercial RISC processors. One of Mr. Khosla’s greatest passions is being a mentor to entrepreneurs, assisting entrepreneurs and helping them build technology based businesses. Mr. Khosla is driven by the desire to make a positive impact through scaling alternative energy, achieving petroleum independence, and promoting a pragmatic approach to the environment. He is also passionate about Social Entrepreneurship. Vinod holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from IIT, New Delhi, a Master's in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Amin Vahdat Keynote Speaker

Distinguished Engineer and Technical Lead for Networking,

About Amin

Google's experience with Software Defined Network Function Virtualization at Scale.


Amin Vahdat is a Distinguished Engineer and Technical Lead for networking at Google.  At Google, he focuses on Software Defined Networking, cloud computing, network virtualization, data center and wide area networking.  Vahdat has published more than 150 papers in computer systems, with fundamental contributions to cloud computing, data consistency, energy-efficient computing, data center architecture, and optical networking.  In the past, he served as the SAIC Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego and the Director of UCSD's Center for Networked Systems.  Vahdat received his PhD from UC Berkeley in Computer Science, is an ACM Fellow and a past recipient of the NSF CAREER award, the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, and the Duke University David and Janet Vaughn Teaching Award.

Najam Ahmad Facebook
Najam Ahmad

Director, Technical Operations


As Director of Engineering at Facebook, Najam Ahmad oversees all aspects of the development and operation of a global network infrastructure that serves more than a billion people around the world.

Prior to joining Facebook, Najam was the General Manager of Global Networking Services at Microsoft. In that role, he was responsible for the overall architecture, implementation, and operations of Microsoft's global online network. Najam's other experience includes management and engineering roles at MCI/UUNET and Netrix Corporation.

Najam holds an MS in Telecommunication Protocols and Computer Science from The George Washington University and a BE in Electrical Engineering from the NED University of Engineering and Technology.

Guido Appenzeller Big Switch Networks
Guido Appenzeller



Guido is a co-founder at Big Switch Networks and served as CEO until 2013. Before Big Switch Networks, he was a Consulting Assistant Professor at Stanford University where as head of the Clean Slate Lab he was instrumental in developing the OpenFlow 1.0 standard and reference implementation. Guido previously was CTO of Voltage Security, an enterprise software company that he co-founded and grew from zero to profitability and over 1000 Enterprise customers. He was named to the TR35 by MIT Technology Review, a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and holds over 30 patents. Guido received his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Jono Bacon Canonical and Ubuntu
Jono Bacon

Ubuntu Community Manager


Jono Bacon is a leading community manager, engineering manager, consultant and author. Currently he works as the Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical, leading a team that grows, inspires and enthuses the global Ubuntu community; a community numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Bacon is a prominent author and speaker on community management and best practice, and wrote the best-selling The Art of Community (O’Reilly), is the founder of the primary annual conference for community managers and leaders, the Community Leadership Summit, and is a regular keynote speaker at events about community management, leadership, and best practice.

Bacon has provided community management consultancy for both internal and external communities for a range of organizations. This includes Deutsche Bank, Intel, SAP, Sony Mobile, Open Compute Project, IBM, Dyson, Mozilla, National Finishing Contractors Association, AlienVault, and others.

In addition to The Art of Community, Bacon co-authored Linux Desktop Hacks (O’Reilly), Official Ubuntu Book (Prentice Hall), and Practical PHP and MySQL (Prentice Hall), and has written over 500 articles across 12 different publications. He writes regularly for a range of magazines.

Bacon co-founded and appears regularly on Bad Voltage, was the co-founder of the popular LugRadio podcast, which ran for four years with 2million+ downloads and 15,000 listeners, as well as spawning five live events in both the UK and the USA, and co-founded the Shot Of Jaq podcast. He is also the founder of the Ubuntu Accomplishments, Jokosher, Acire, Python Snippets, and Lernid software projects.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California with his wife, Erica, and their son, Jack.

Martìn Casado VMware
Martìn Casado

CTO of Networking


Martìn Casado, one of the fathers of SDN, will talk about SDN and network virtualization in practice, and how users are pushing the technology with cool, new use cases.


Martìn Casado is the CTO of Networking at VMware and was the Co-Founder and CTO of Nicira Networks. Martìn received his PhD from Stanford University where he remains a Consulting Assistant Professor. He received the Grace Murray Hopper Award, for “his work creating the movement of Software Defined Networking (SDN), a new paradigm in the research and practice of computer networking that provides a software alternative to hardware-based network components.

Stuart D. Elby Verizon
Stuart Elby

Vice President & Chief Technologist, Verizon Labs


Dr. Stuart Elby, VP and Chief Technologist of Verizon Labs, is responsible for overall architecture and development of Verizon’s video platforms. He is also responsible for developing Verizon’s target network architecture in support of emerging products and services.

Formerly, Stuart was responsible for the design, development and launch of the content services platform for Verizon Digital Media Services. He has also managed the specification and design of core services platforms including VoIP, IMS, cloud, and API secure gateway.

Prior to joining Verizon, Stu was a Research Associate at the NSF Center for Telecommunications Research at Columbia University performing R&D in all-optical networks and developing ATM/WDM platforms. In 1985, at a laser surgery start-up, Lasers for Medicine Inc., he was responsible for FDA clinical trials, product development, and brought the first disposal plastic fiber-optic system to the medical market. In 1982, he worked at StorageTek, contributing to the development of the first commercial optical disk storage system.

Stuart received a BS degree in Optical Engineering from the University of Rochester, NY in 1982 and received a MSEE and Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1989 and 1994, respectively. He serves on the advisory boards of several university/government/industry consortia. He lives with his wife and kids just south of the middle of nowhere, NJ.

Craig Elliott Pertino
Craig Elliott

CEO and Co-Founder


Craig will talk about how SMBs are building their software defined enterprise networks in the cloud.


With over 25 years of experience in early and growth stage companies, Elliott is a technology executive with a long history of leading great companies that do great things. Craig is currently co-founder and CEO of Pertino, a company reinventing networking for the cloud era. Prior to Pertino, Elliott served as CEO of Packeteer; the company created the now multi-billion dollar WAN Optimization Controller market. Before Packeteer, Elliott spent 10 years at Apple where he held several senior network-related product roles, including launching online services in 80 countries and seven different languages as International General Manager of Internet and Online Services. In addition to his current role, Elliott serves on the Board of Directors of Global Vet Link and Xero and is a Strategic Advisor to the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise agency. Elliott is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand and a Council Member for the Yosemite Conservancy. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University in Animal Science and Microbiology.

Kazuya Hashimoto NEC Europe Ltd.
Kazuya Hashimoto

Executive Vice President


Kazuya Hashimoto of NEC will talk about SDN for mobile cellular networks and will share actual design and deployment experiences.


Kazuya received his M.A degree of Applied Physics from the University of Tokyo in 1984 and joined NEC Corporation the same year.

He was initially engaged in the Analog cellular handset system development. During 2005 to 2007, he was Managing Director, NEC Technologies (UK) Ltd, where he engaged himself in Mobile Terminal Application business. He became General Manager of Mobile Radio Access Network Division in 2008 and led base station development and business. Then he became responsible for wired and wireless business as Vice President and Executive General Manager of Network Platform Operations Unit. In May 2013 he was transferred to NEC Europe and became responsible for the business development of Carrier Business with the focus on SDN/NFV as Executive Vice President of NEC Europe.

John Healy Intel
John Healy

GM of Software Defined Networking Division, Intel Communication and Storage Infrastructure Group


John Healy from Intel will talk about the evolution of the switch, server and open source projects needed for tomorrow’s SDN and NFV workloads.


John Healy is the GM of the “Software Defined Networking Division” in CSIG. He is one of the leading strategists behind software-defined networking. John’s leadership in intelligent systems for the communications industry is comprised of 23 years of experience in engineering, network deployment, transmission planning, switching and maintenance. Prior to his work in the communications group, John held positions in Finance, Information Systems, Network Planning and Sales Management at Intel. He is an engineering graduate from the University of Limerick in Ireland.

Yukio Ito NTT Communications
Yukio Ito

Director, Member of the Board, Senior Vice President, Service Infrastructure


Ito-san will present how NTT Communication has been accelerating its development and deployment of OpenFlow/SDN in datacenter, inter-datacenter, and its global network and accelerating SDN enabled new services to its enterprise customers.


Yukio Ito joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation in 1983, having previously worked for the Switching System of PSTN and the Business Communication Network. After the reorganization of NTT in 1999, he designed the architecture of the Transport Network of NTT Communications and introduced new technology to the network. Since June 2010, he has been in charge of engineering, construction and operation of the IP & L1, L2 backbone network in NTT Communications.

At present, he is in charge of the entire NTT Communications service infrastructure and is introducing SDN-OpenFlow technologies into NTT communications' Business Network. Since December 2011, he has been a member of the Board of Open Networking Foundation.

Sanqi Li Huawei
Sanqi Li

CTO, Carrier Network BG


Sanqi Li from Huawei will present SDN based solutions for LTE Evolved Packet Core Networks and how carriers plan to use these solutions.


Dr. Li serves as CTO of Carrier Network Business Group at Huawei since 2012. Prior to this, Dr. Li served as CTO of IT product line and Core Network product line as well as the president of Data Center & Media Network business unit. Before joining Huawei in 2009, Dr. Li held several, senior, leadership roles, and served as a full-tenured professor at ECE department, University of Texas, Austin in US. He co-founded high-tech companies, such as GaoHong Telecommunication Technology Inc. in China, (acquired by Datang Telecom Group in 2000), and Santera Systems Inc., in US, (acquired by Tekelec in 2003), and also co-led and architected original spin off of Santera Softswitch to form Spatial Wireless, (acquired by Alcatel in 2004). In 2003-2007 he served as CTO at Tekelec. In his distinguished career, Dr. Li provided technical consulting services to companies like Cisco, AT&T, Verizon, KT and Samsung, and served on the advisory boards of several high-tech startups. Dr. Li has had 25 patents filed/granted, and over 160 papers published in international, academic, archival journals, and best-in-class, refereed, international conference proceedings. Over 20 Ph.D. students graduated under his supervision.

Matthew Liste Goldman Sachs
Matthew Liste

Managing Director, Core Platform Engineering


Coming soon.


Matthew manages Goldman Sachs’ Compute and Storage Engineering teams, and is the Chief Technology Officer for the Data Center Product Group and a Goldman Sachs technology fellow. Prior to that, he managed various network and telecommunications teams at the firm. Matthew joined Goldman Sachs in 2004 and was named managing director in 2011. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Matthew consulted at financial services and telecom companies on technology strategy and execution. Earlier in his career, he worked at Schlumberger, Petroleum Geo-Services and Nortel Networks.

Francois Locoh-Donou Ciena Corporation
Francois Locoh-Donou

Senior Vice President, Global Products Group


Francois will show that SDN is key to closing the “agility gap” that stands in the way of service providers’ transformations to information-driven business models, and offer a view of Ciena solutions that will support and enable such transformations.


Francois Locoh-Donou is currently Senior Vice President, Global Products Group at Ciena Corporation, with responsibility for the Company’s Research & Development, supply chain, product line management, quality and customer advocacy functions on a global basis. Prior to his current role, his positions with the Company included Vice President and General Manager, EMEA and Vice President, International Sales, with responsibility for expanding Ciena’s operations in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Mr. Locoh-Donou also held various technical and sales management positions at Ciena, since joining in 1997.

Prior to Ciena, Mr. Locoh-Donou was with Photonetics, a French opto-electronics company, where he held various Research and Development roles, focused on Fiber-Optic Sensors and Optical Test Equipment.

Mr. Locoh-Donou holds an M.B.A from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a Master’s in Optical Telecommunications from the National Institute of Telecommunications of Paris (ENST), and a ""Diplome d'Ingenieur"" in Physics Engineering from the National Institute of Physics in Marseille (ENSPM), France.

Carl Moberg Tail-f Systems
Carl Moberg

VP Technology


Carl is presenting lessons learned from building a managed security solution, based on Openflow, for a large Asian operator. He will describe the methodology used for building the Openflow-based traffic steering application and how it is integrated into a complete service chaining solution involving third-party L4-L7 security appliances.


Carl Moberg, VP of Technology works closely with strategic customers and partners and serves as the company’s key technology evangelist. Carl has been an integral part of the Tail-f management team since joining in 2006, having a variety of positions, including VP Engineering and VP Marketing & Product Management. Carl is also a key contributor to many of the standards organizations including IETF, ETSI NFV, Cablelabs, ONF and MEF.

Before joining Tail-f Systems, Mr. Moberg held several management positions at ServiceFactory, a company that he co-founded in 1999. Prior to ServiceFactory, Mr. Moberg was one of the principal architects of Telia’s Internet service platform. This platform was an industry first, supporting a wide variety of access types and application services in an integrated fashion to millions of subscribers.

Shrijeet Mukherjee Cumulus Networks
Shrijeet Mukherjee

VP of Software Engineering


Shrijeet will discuss how open hardware platforms are providing customers freedom to define their networks with software.


Shrijeet is the VP of Software Engineering at Cumulus Networks. Most recently he was Director of Engineering with the team that delivered the highly successful VIC adaptor line in Cisco's UCS servers. His career has spanned a wide variety of technologies including Team Lead of high performance graphics at SGI, architect of high performance Network Interface Cards at Precision IO and adding virtualization and storage in Cisco with the UCS product line. He has a Masters in Computer Science from University of Oregon and has 11 Patents to his name.

Vish Nandlall Ericsson North America
Vish Nandlall

Chief Technical Officer and Head of Marketing and Strategy


Vish Nandlall’s talk will walk through the details of how SDN is being deployed to deliver this new and growing service opportunity.


Dr. Vish Nandlall is Chief Technical Officer and Head of Marketing and Strategy for Ericsson’s North American region. He is responsible for identifying Ericsson's long-term vision, defining the overall company strategy and driving business value creation for Ericsson’s customers in North America.

Nandlall joined Ericsson in 2010, most recently serving as Chief Technical Officer for the company’s AT&T Customer Unit. He previously served as CTO of Extreme Networks and CTO and distinguished member of technical staff for Nortel Carrier Networks. Nandlall has led architecture and standards direction for product portfolios ranging from GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE, metro DWDM, carrier routing and switching and carrier VoIP portfolios. His recent areas of research include M2M, SDN, augmented reality and mobile virtualization.

Vijoy Pandey IBM
Vijoy Pandey

CTO of Network OS & SDN, Distinguished Engineer


Vijoy Pandey is the CTO of Network OS & SDN, and a Distinguished Engineer at IBM. He leads the team that drives the technical vision & architecture for networking for IBM SmartCloud and Cloud services. He was previously the CTO of BNT which was acquired by IBM, and prior to that has held various leadership and management roles in switching, security, and application delivery controller companies, including at Nortel and Alteon Web Systems. Vijoy holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis.

Larry Peterson Open Networking Lab
Larry Peterson

Chief Architect


Larry will describe OpenCloud -- an operational data center to edge cloud being deployed by the Open Networking Lab -- and how it is being used to experiment with cutting edge SDN and NFV technology.


Larry Peterson is Chief Architect at the Open Networking Laboratory, Director of the PlanetLab Consortium, and the Robert E. Kahn Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University. He currently splits his time between Silicon Valley, Princeton, and Tucson, where he has an appointment at the University of Arizona.

Peterson is also co-author of the best selling networking textbook Computer Networks: A Systems Approach. In 2007 he co-founded CoBlitz LLC to CDN technology developed on PlanetLab. CoBlitz was acquired by Verivue in 2010, and subsequently by Akamai in 2012.

Peterson is a former Editor-in-Chief of the ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, and served as program chair for SOSP, NSDI, and HotNets. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the ACM and the IEEE, and a past recipient of the IEEE Kobayashi Award and the ACM SIGCOMM Award. He received his Ph.D. from Purdue University in 1985.

Dan Pitt Open Networking Foundation
Dan Pitt

Executive Director


Dan will reveal the 2014 initiatives of the Open Networking Foundation and a few other juicy secrets. He will also explain the meaning of "open" in open networking, and where it's best to have de jure standards, de facto standards, and no standards.


Dan Pitt has served as executive director of the Open Networking Foundation since its public launch in March 2011. In this role he leads a team of several dozen employees and partners and nearly 2000 member volunteers focused on accelerating the adoption of open SDN. He spent 20 years in technical, managerial, and executive roles at IBM Raleigh and Zurich, HP Labs Palo Alto, Bay Networks, and Nortel Networks; served a five-year term as Dean of the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University; and advised and ran a number of startup companies in Silicon Valley, Australia, and Canada before coming to ONF. Dan received a B.S. in math from Duke University and an M.S. and Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Illinois.

Sarwar Raza Hewlett-Packard Company
Sarwar Raza

Director, Cloud Networking and SDN, HP Networking


Sarwar will focus on the potential and future of Application Directed Networks enabled by SDN.


Sarwar Raza is Director of Cloud Networking and Software Defined Networking (SDN) in the Advanced Technology Group at HP Networking. His responsibilities include driving the strategy, development, marketing and sales of HP Networking products and SDN solutions for the Cloud and Enterprise.

He was previously a Distinguished Architect in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer for Networking at HP, where he provided technical and marketing leadership spanning the areas of cloud networking and orchestration, network and systems management, and unified communications and collaboration to engineering, marketing and sales teams across HP’s product and service businesses.

Sarwar joined HP in 2010 via the acquisition of 3Com Corporation, where, for 10 years he held a variety of senior roles in product management and engineering. Most recently, he led the Product Management team for 3Com’s Unified Communications business line. Prior to this, he served as a software architect on the Voice Engineering team for the VCX product line. His network management expertise includes work on carrier-class management systems for RAS, VOIP and 3G systems that have been deployed by some of the world’s largest service providers. Sarwar also was lead architect for 3Com’s flagship NMS product, Enterprise Management Suite.

Sarwar has a bachelor’s degree in economics and computer science (Phi Beta Kappa) from Clark University, a master’s degree in computer science with a concentration in computer and communications networks from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and an executive certificate in management and strategy from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

Jennifer Rexford Princeton University
Jennifer Rexford

Gordon Y. S. Wu Professor of Computer Science


Jennifer will present a proposal for how the OpenFlow API can evolve in the future to be protocol-independent, target-independent, and support reconfiguration in the field.


Jennifer Rexford is the Gordon Y. S. Wu Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University. While working at AT&T Research from 1996-2005, she was one the designers of the Routing Control Platform (RCP)---an early SDN solution deployed in AT&T's backbone network---and the 4D architecture for logically-centralized control of computer networks. Jennifer is involved in the Frenetic project that is creating higher-level languages for programming SDNs, and is a member of the Open Networking Foundation's Technical Advisory Group. She was the 2004 winner of ACM's Grace Murray Hopper Award for outstanding young computer professional, and appeared on MIT Technology Review's 2004 TR-100 list of innovators under the age of 35.

Rob Sherwood Big Switch
Rob Sherwood

Chief Technology Officer


Rob will talk about the benefits of combing SDN with bare metal switches and demonstrate the results in Big Switch Network's upcoming Unified 'P+V' Cloud Fabric product.


Rob serves as the CTO for Big Switch Networks, where he spends his time internally leading software architecture and externally evangelizing SDN to customers and partners. Rob is an active contributor to open source projects such as Switch Light and Floodlight as well as the Open Compute Project. He was the former Chair of the ONF's Architecture & Framework Working Group as well as vice-chair of the ONF's Testing & Interoperability Working Group. Rob prototyped the first OpenFlow-based network hypervisor, the “FlowVisor,” allowing production and experimental traffic to safely co-exist on the same physical network, and is involved in various standards efforts, and partner and customer engagements. Rob holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

David Ward Cisco Systems, Inc.
David Ward

Senior Vice President, Development Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Architect


Customer deployments and use-cases will take center stage as Dave does a deep-dive on SDN, key advantages and how to deliver more open and programmable solutions.


As Development CTO and Chief Architect at Cisco Systems, David is responsible for defining strategy and leading research and development of new innovation via tight partnerships with customers and academia. He is known in the industry because of his knowledge and expertise in IP/MPLS routing, high availability, network design, and systems software. He is the Routing Area Director at the IETF and chair of four Working Groups: IS-IS, HIP, BFD and Softwires. Also, he is leading the work on defining a transport profile for MPLS at the ITU-T. He speaks frequently at the North American Network Operators’ Group (NANOG), IETF, IEEE and RIPE conferences and collaborates with several university and private research groups, including Stanford, MIT, Cambridge and Tsinghua University.

David held the roles of software architect for IOS-XR; co-system architect of the CRS-1 multi-terabit router & ASR9000; and co-system architect of several next generation routers, line cards, route processors and service blades for multiple routing products in Cisco’s Service Provider portfolio.

David served as CTO of the Platform Systems Division in Juniper Networks, responsible for the switches, routers and data center products in the portfolio as well as the Operating System (Junos) and ASICs. David was also a Juniper Fellow and Chief Architect working on the operating system and next generation routing systems.

David has a small vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains and an heirloom tomato farm along the St. Croix River in Somerset, Wisconsin.

Jim Zemlin The Linux Foundation
Jim Zemlin

Executive Director


Zemlin’s career spans three of the largest technology trends to rise over the last decade: mobile computing, cloud computing and open source software. Today, as executive director of The Linux Foundation, he uses this experience to accelerate the adoption of Linux and support the future of computing.

Zemlin’s career took root at Western Wireless, which had a successful IPO and was later acquired by Deutsche Telekom and renamed T-Mobile USA. He was also a member of the founding management team of Corio, a leading enterprise application service provider that had a successful IPO in July 2000. Other posts have included vice president of marketing at Covalent Technologies and executive director at Free Standards Group.

In his leadership role today at The Linux Foundation, Zemlin works with the world’s largest technology companies, including IBM, Intel, Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, and others to help define the future of computing on the server, in the cloud and on a variety of new mobile computing devices. His work at the vendor-neutral Linux Foundation gives him a unique and aggregate perspective on the global technology industry.

Zemlin has been recognized as a top Linux and open source blogger and is widely quoted in the press on Linux and the changing economics of the technology industry. His writing has appeared in Businessweek, Wired, and other top technology journals. He is a regular keynote speaker at industry events such as the Atlantic Big Science Summit, OSCON, LinuxCon, Gartner Group Forums, and TEDx, among others. Zemlin advises a variety of startups, including Splashtop, and sits on the boards of the Global Economic Symposium, Open Source For America and Chinese Open Source Promotion Union.

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