About Open Networking Summit

Created by the founders of software defined networking (SDN), Open Networking Summits Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization, delivers events designed to foster a productive dialogue around the opportunities, challenges and key developments in the quickly evolving world of OpenFlow, SDN and network function virtualization (NFV). For the past four years, the industry’s premiere event - Open Networking Summit (ONS) - has brought the networking ecosystem of end-users, engineers, business leaders and researchers together in Silicon Valley to discuss the possibilities and shape the future of the networking industry.

Our Mission

Nurture a vibrant community to help accelerate SDN innovation and adoption.

Our Vision

Organize live and virtual high-impact events (conferences, workshops, webinars and tutorials) that:

What to Expect from ONS in 2015 and Beyond

ONS Inc. will scale and expand its offerings, beyond the once-a-year flagship ONS event to better match the increasing pace of innovation in this disruptive paradigm.

We are aligning our offerings to match the accelerating rate of change in the SDN/NFV/OpenFlow eco-system by:

Over the next several months, ONS will unveil new ways it plans to engage and serve the worldwide community. The goal is to meet the demand from the ecosystem for vendor-agnostic platforms that facilitate an open, spirited debate around the future of networking.

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We are Growing Our Team

If you are equally passionate about SDN/OpenFlow/NFV and interested in supporting our mission, we welcome you to take a more active role in ONS Inc.. Contact us at participate@opennetsummit.org to learn more about the many ways in which you can participate.